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Companies are constantly changing! We always expect to see
trend lines going up, but as we see in the news, it’s just
as easy to go in the opposite direction.
In truth, even with the best laid plans; it’s not that easy. The core of your business does not allow significant new growth. Your business is designed to improve your current products, not to create new ones. In his book, The Innovator's Dilemma, Clay Christensen argues simple product improvements are incremental and become a slippery slope leading to irrelevance. Don’t think your company can become irrelevant? The Fortune 500 list from ten years ago has nearly 170 companies on it that today no longer exist.

At Launch Capacity, we recognize that organizations face real barriers when attempting to do things beyond their "core." Our experience innovating in Fortune 500 companies gives us unique understanding of the barriers organizations face when trying to create new products and services.

We understand the problems and we have real solutions.

Launch Capacity Incorporated (LCI) exists to identify the ideas, resources and operational knowledge organizations need when moving beyond incrementalism toward substantial new growth. We bring three concepts as our mission to aid our clients:
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First, it is our job to see new technology through the lens of bringing value to your company

Second, we seek to identify the resources required to be successful: venture capital, partnerships, federal & state funding

Third, we provide the project management methodology to make sure the right people are on the job whether that be internal or external
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